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How to improve the ph value of aluminum alloy cutting fluid

In the comprehensive chapters, we have been talking about the ph value of aluminum alloy cutting fluid. Since the ph value has such an important relationship with the aluminum alloy cutting fluid, how can we improve the aluminum alloy cutting fluid? Does the ph value cause aluminum corrosion to the workpiece and processing during use?
In production labor and life, we generally think that the higher the pH (alkaline), the greater the corrosiveness. In fact, many chemical raw materials with strong alkali are very suitable as the main raw materials for the stability and improvement of aluminum alloy cutting fluid. For example: triethanolamine, sodium carbonate, mpa-99, diglycolamine, sodium silicate and other strong alkaline raw materials not only have no corrosion to aluminum and aluminum alloy, but have very good corrosion inhibition and oxidation resistance to aluminum alloy and aluminum. The role of environmental protection, so the quality and difference of any kind of raw materials depends on how we use it.

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