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Definition of cutting fluid type

Synthetic cutting fluids, semi-synthetic cutting fluids, water-based cutting fluids are often heard in the industry, but how do you define them? Cutting fluid according to the level of oil content Generally, the cutting fluid product with oil content of 60% or above is called emulsion, also known as saponified oil, saponification liquid. The cutting fluid product with oil content less than 60% can be regarded as semi-synthetic. . These products are often referred to as microemulsions or micro-emulsified cutting fluids. The diluted color of these products is lighter than that of the diluted emulsion. It is translucent and milky white. Some products on the market are diluted in blue. The most representative is the product of Shanghai Max, which mostly adds dyes of various colors to the cutting fluid.
The fully synthetic cutting fluid is a kind of purified product without oily additives. It is mostly made up of various surfactants. The cutting fluid of these products is generally structurally stable and not easy to deteriorate. The cleaning performance is very excellent. The lubricity and anti-rust performance of the cutting fluid are slightly worse than the former two, but as the level of the cutting fluid continues to develop, Idawell's fully synthetic cutting fluid catches up with micro-milk, emulsification and other oil properties regardless of lubrication and rust resistance. The cutting fluid and stability are several times that of the oily cutting fluid.

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