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Iron filings blue and cutting fluid related problems

I have been working on cutting fluid for a long time. I haven’t counted the number of customers I visited. It’s a habit to take a look at the scrap iron scrap from the waste dump. The scraps after the cutting of cast iron are mostly short semi-rolled fine-grained iron ends. The scraps after carbon steel cutting are mostly coiled and rotating conical long tube springs, and the oily light is particularly beautiful.
I believe that many people have seen a lot of dark blue or red and blue scrap iron scraps, and they will feel beautiful and magical.
In fact, otherwise the magical nature has its own truth, and the iron filings have his inevitability. This is caused by the high temperature generated by heavy machining such as excessive knife volume and excessive lathe speed during the processing of steel parts. This phenomenon often brings negative effects. First, the tool loss is increased. Second, increase the roughness of the workpiece; Third, shorten the service life of the bearing; Fourth, easy to burn the motor, etc.
In order to avoid overloading, it is possible to appropriately reduce the amount of the tool and adjust the motor speed. In addition to this, it is possible to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon from the cutting fluid.
Idawell Atwell-369 cutting fluid contains 12% atwell-2600 extreme pressure anti-wear lubricant. This extreme pressure lubricant has excellent lubricity in high temperature processing environment. The scrap iron scraps are not blue and hair. Red, reducing the sintering burn of the workpiece.

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