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Cutting fluid stratification

The cutting fluid stratification is mainly divided into two aspects: 1. It is the stratification problem of the cutting fluid concentrate; 2. It is the delamination problem after the cutting fluid is diluted.
Most of the cutting fluid layering is caused by the improper matching of the cutting fluid formula, or the cutting fluid raw material has a collision, and the pairing is not suitable.
The stratification of the working fluid after the dilution of the cutting fluid is mostly due to the use of excess inorganic alkali NaOH (caustic soda, sodium hydroxide), Na2CO3 (sodium carbonate, soda), trisodium phosphate (H12Na3O10P) and too much impurities in the water. The water quality is too hard and so on.
The stratification phenomenon in the cutting fluid concentrate is mostly due to appeal factors. For example, the carrageenan (isothiazolinone) fungicide is added to the cutting fluid of triethanolamine oleic acid soap, and there is no problem in the cutting fluid for a short time. With the extension of time, the pine is gradually cut and cut. The oleic acid in the liquid reacts chemically to form a white rice-like object. Due to the precipitation of oleic acid and the production of rice grains, the cutting fluid is stratified. The upper layer is grease and the middle layer is water. The main mixture, the bottom is a mixture of solids.
In addition, under the long-term action of excessive strong acid and alkali in the system, the cutting fluid produces a qualitative change, and stratification instability occurs.

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