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I. Product Features
1.1. The unique ionic surface active structure makes it widely used. Since it can effectively inhibit the reproduction and growth of bacteria, it can also quickly remove hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methyl mercaptan, formaldehyde, trimethyl ammonia, methane through chemical coordination reaction. , amines and other volatile organic compounds VOC and other odor molecules, but it is by no means a physical method to mask the odor, and it can reduce the concentration of odorous gases in the vapor phase, thereby restoring clean air and improving the living environment.
1.2, harmless, non-irritating, non-flammable, non-corrosive, environmentally safe.
1.3. High concentration, use after 10-100 times dilution, fast deodorization, high cost performance, economical and practical.
1.4. HF-DOA antibacterial and deodorant has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing effects. The removal rates of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are as high as 85.4% and 91.5%, respectively. See the test report on the last page for details.
2. Recommended apps
2.1. Deodorization in industrial places, such as garbage transfer stations, municipal garbage stations, landfills, garbage power plants, etc., various sewage and waste gas treatment plants, etc.

Municipal garbage station


Garbage transfer station


Waste-to-energy plant



工业、生活污水、污泥 工业、生活污水、污泥 工业、生活污水、污泥

Industrial, domestic sewage, sludge


Spray tower, cooling tower exhaust gas

2.2. Animal husbandry farms and slaughterhouses Animal husbandry farms, such as pig farms and slaughterhouses, emit a particularly strong odor, especially in high temperature summer, which makes people shunned and often criticized. HF-DOA antibacterial deodorant can solve this long-standing problem once and for all.
畜牧养殖场 畜牧养殖场

livestock farm

2.3. An efficient deodorant for air and fabrics, such as hotels, homes, automobiles, pet stores or hospitals, toilets, bathrooms, shoe cabinets, carpets, fabrics, etc., can combat all kinds of common odors, such as tobacco smell, sulfur odor, sweat odor, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, pet and other odors.
案例图片 案例图片
Three, use the device tool
It is recommended to use high-power water mist cannons, sprayers, spray towers, etc. The smaller the spray particles, the better the deodorizing effect, because it is conducive to the full contact between the deodorant and the odor molecules to make the reaction complete, eradicate the odor, and reduce the dosage.
案例图片 案例图片
Fourth, application case analysis
4.1. Removal of formaldehyde by HF-DOA


4.2. Removal of smoke smell by HF-DOA
4.3. Removal of ammonia water by HF-DOA
4.4. Removal of trimethylamine by HF-DOA
4.5. Application of HF-DOA in the kitchen
1150 grams of onion and 185 grams of garlic were minced and placed in the odor chamber for 24 hours, and the onion and garlic were left in the odor chamber throughout the test. The odor in the air was tested before spraying, immediately after spraying, and after 5, 15, 30, and 45 minutes after spraying.

Control HF-DOA

4.6. Bacteriostatic, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide removal test report
抑菌、氨和硫化氢去除测试报告 抑菌、氨和硫化氢去除测试报告

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