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1. Product Features 1.1. Excellent cleaning effect: strong penetration and solubility, fast speed, no residue, easy to rinse
1.2, high safety, safe for the environment and use, because it does not contain phenol, nitrite, heavy metals, sulfur, benzene and other harmful substances.
1.3. It is easily soluble in water, not volatile, and has no irritating odor;
1.4. It is safe and non-corrosive to all kinds of glass, metal, plastic, fiber, etc.
1.4. Wide range of application: It has excellent cleaning ability for the residues such as dirt, dust, cutting fluid, fingerprints, oil, grinding powder, polishing powder and other residues adhering to the surface of various optical glass lenses after processing. Glossy.
2. Product parameters 2.1. Appearance: colorless to off-white liquid
2.2. Odor: none
2.3. pH (100g/L,@20℃,GB/T9724-5007): 11-12
2.4. Density (@20℃, GB/T35.55): 1.129
3. How to use 3.1. Concentration of working solution: 5---8% (volume ratio, the cleaning effect is better when prepared with deionized water);
3.2. Avoid mixing with other cleaning agents
4. Storage4.1. Store in a ventilated, cool and dry indoor place, well sealed and not mixed with strong oxidizing agents. The validity period is two years under the original packaging conditions
5. ROHS report

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Florin is mainly engaged in the production and technical development of environmentally-friendly water-soluble machining fluids, lubricating oils, environmentally friendly cleaning agents, glass mildew inhibitors, automotive frozen liquids, automotive ureas, etc. for metal/optical glass/LED materials cutting/grinding processes. , to provide professional services to customers
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