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Wafer chip cleaner HF-CC-5A:
With the continuous development of ultra-large integrated circuits, the size of integrated circuit lines continues to decrease, so the requirements for the cleanliness of the wafer surface are getting higher and higher. Therefore, a special cleaning and grinding process for the cleaning of wafers after dicing has been specially developed. After the cleaning agent is used, the chip can obtain the required cleanliness, because after the wafer is cut and degummed, a large amount of surface dirt is adsorbed on the surface of the chip, such as cutting fluid, silicon crystal powder, oxide film and metal residual particles, etc.; and Grinding powder, metal ions, silicon crystal powder particles and other dirt brought by the subsequent grinding process.
1. Product Features:
High Safety: Safe for the environment and use, this product is non-irritating, non-toxic, non-flammable, and does not corrode chips. Has good biodegradability.
Excellent cleaning effect: strong penetration and solubility, fast speed, no residue, easy rinsing, and thorough removal of various metal ions and solid particles adsorbed on the chip surface, as well as organic pollutants and dirt;
It can effectively reduce the surface tension of the solution, and has a strong penetration force, which can penetrate between the metal surface and the dust particles, lift the dust particles, make them detached, and achieve the purpose of removal; and can achieve preferential adsorption, and in the chip A protective layer is formed on the surface to prevent secondary adsorption of various pollutants;
It is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, and the optimal working temperature of the solution is recommended to be 45℃---55℃.
Second, product parameters:
Appearance: gray transparent liquid;
Odor: non-irritating;
pH (2% aqueous solution): 12.5-13.5;
Density (@20℃, GB/T35.55): 1.116;
Third, how to use:
Working solution concentration: 5---10% (volume ratio, prepared with deionized water);
Using the ultrasonic cleaning method, the best working temperature of the solution is recommended to be 45℃---55℃.
Fourth, storage:
Store in a cool, dry and ventilated room, well sealed and not mixed with strong oxidants and strong acids.
It is valid for two years in original packaging.
Five, matters needing attention:
This product is alkaline, please wear rubber gloves for prolonged contact.
This product accidentally splashed into the eyes, please rinse with water.
Avoid mixing with other cleaning agents and acids. VI. ROHS report ROHS报告

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