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What are the common problems in the use of lubricating oil?

1. Is the oil blackening during the process of using lubricating oil? There are three main reasons for the blackening of the oil: (1) deterioration of the lubricating oil, (2) wear of the parts, and (3) impurities entering the fuel tank. If no impurities enter the fuel tank during use. , you can think that the quality of the lubricant itself is problematic, the brand of the oil should be replaced. It is normal for the lubricant to be slightly deepened after a period of use, but it should not become very dark, except for engine oil.
Second, the old equipment can use a little oil? Under normal circumstances, the wear parts of the equipment are surface treated, so the surface hardness of the parts is high, not easy to wear, but the internal parts are soft, and the surface of some parts of the old equipment is worn. Therefore, the use of poorer lubricants will accelerate the wear of the parts. We do not recommend using lower or poorer lubricants.
Third, why other oil products can not replace gear oil? We found that individual users use anti-wear hydraulic oil, rail oil, turbine oil (turbine oil) or ordinary mechanical oil instead of gear oil. This is not true, because the power of the whole machine is transmitted through the gear shifting. The meshing line on the gear tooth surface is subjected to a huge load, and the lubricating oil is required to have extreme pressure, while other oils do not contain extreme pressure additives. , can not protect the tooth surface, so it will lead to pitting, fracture and other phenomena.
Fourth, as long as the viscosity is the same, different types of gear oil can replace each other? No! The same is the level of the gear oil, heavy-duty gear oil can replace the light-duty gear oil, on the contrary, it is not possible. At present, the domestic common gear oil is mostly medium-load or below gear oil, which is not suitable for high-speed and high-load equipment.
5. How is the blush of the oil produced? Under normal circumstances, the blush of the oil is caused by the water in the tank. It is an emulsification phenomenon. It should be avoided that the water enters the lubricating oil tank or the rainwater is prevented from entering the opened oil drum. In the specific operation, the equipment should check whether the oil seal is damaged. Check whether there is water in the tank when changing the oil. The oil drum is stored in a place sheltered from the rain.
6. It is not important to use lubricating oil. As long as the equipment has oil, you can use it if you buy it on the market. You must pay attention to the use of lubricating oil. The lubricating oil is like the blood of the human body. The bad lubricating oil will damage your expensive equipment. The lubricating oil contains different additives to meet the needs of different parts of the equipment. For example, the antioxidant prevents the oxidation of the oil, the rust preventive prevents the equipment from rusting, and the anti-wear agent prevents the equipment from being worn.
7. Can the oil that has been replaced after the expiration of the use period be reused? Some users will reuse the replaced oil after the precipitation treatment. This is not appropriate. After the oil is used, the performance will be reduced. The oil below is equivalent to the use of substandard products.
8. When the oil change period is over, can you use a part of the lubricating oil and then add some lubricating oil? The oil should be drained as much as possible. The used lubricating oil and the new lubricating oil are mixed together to reduce the lubricating oil level. Shorten the life of the lubricant.
9. How to judge the quality of lubricating oil from the appearance? The qualified lubricating oil is generally a light yellow uniform transparent liquid, and the high viscosity lubricating oil is slightly darker. (Generally, the viscosity is higher than 460#.) If the oil is black, contains impurities or contains water, it can be regarded as inferior lubricant. High-grade equipment must use the oil produced by the brand-name regular lubricant company. Unbranded products are difficult to have quality assurance, and there are more fake oils on the market, so we must pay attention to them.

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