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How to choose the right hydraulic oil

Anti-wear hydraulic oil is developed from rust-proof and anti-oxygen hydraulic oil. It has alkaline high-zinc, alkaline low-zinc, neutral high-zinc and ashless products, all of which are based on 40'. C kinematic viscosity is divided into 32, 46, 68.
Quality requirements
(1) Appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature performance to ensure that the hydraulic components are well lubricated, cooled and sealed under conditions of varying working pressure and operating temperature.
(2) Good extreme pressure and wear resistance to ensure that the friction pair in the oil pump, hydraulic motor, control valve and cylinder is normally lubricated under high pressure and high speed and severe conditions, reducing wear.
(4) Good anti-foaming and air release values ​​to ensure that the foam generated under the conditions of mechanical and vigorous agitation during operation can disappear quickly;
The air mixed into the oil can be released in a short time to achieve accurate, sensitive and smooth transmission of static pressure.
(5) Good demulsibility, can be quickly separated from the water mixed into the oil, so as to avoid the formation of emulsion, causing corrosion of the metal material of the hydraulic system and reducing the use performance.
(6) Good rust resistance to prevent corrosion of metal surfaces.
(1) To keep the hydraulic system clean, remove the sludge and metal chips in the tank in time.
(2) According to the oil change reference index, the oil should be cleaned when the oil is changed, so as to avoid impurities and the like, which may affect the use effect.
(3) When storing and using, the container and the refueling tool must be cleaned to prevent the oil from being contaminated.
(4) The oil is mainly applied to the hydraulic oil pump of the steel-steel friction pair. For hydraulic oil pumps of friction materials of other materials, it is necessary to have the oil pump load limit applicable to the product recommended by the oil pump manufacturer or the oil supply unit.

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