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How does the glass cutting fluid cause the device to be shorted?

When the optical glass is cut, the working window of the machining center is closed and the sealing performance is quite good, but the machining center is often short-circuited after a period of use. The glass processing center CNC is imported precision cutting-edge equipment. Once it is short-circuited, it is easy to cause other faults. It is particularly difficult to repair, and most spare parts cannot be purchased in China.
After the cutting fluid enters the machine tool, it affects both production and maintenance. How does the cutting fluid enter the inside of the equipment's electric control box? Is there any way to prevent the cutting fluid from entering the inside of the electric control box?
The cutting fluid is a large amount of fine cutting fluid mist due to the high speed flying of the diamond cutting piece. On the one hand, the volatile raw material additive in the cutting fluid is generated as a volatile substance under the action of high temperature, when the machining center After the window door is opened, these aerosols will run out of the processing equipment and will be dispersed in the air. Over time, these aerosols will enter the electric control box, forming a thick layer of glue in the electric control box, corroding the lines in the electric control box. The board caused the line to be damaged.

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