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1: Application
It is specially developed for wafer dicing to meet the stringent requirements for wafer.
2: Features and benefits
Excellence in lubrication, cooling, wetting, dispersing, rust resistance and holding up under extreme pressure, thereby lowering cutting resistance and stress in the cutting process, reducing surface defects, and preventing the thickness variance caused by temperature changes.
Environmentally friendly product without toxic and irritant elements.
Easy cleaning and recycling to prolong service life of tools without tarry residue formation, thereby reducing the cost if an installation of removal system of silicon fine powder during dicing.
Excellent corrosion control due to no ion contamination occurring because of free of metal ions and sulfur, phosphorus, phenol, halide, sulfate, nitrite, mineral/animal/plant oils, and so on.
No foaming, or at worst very low foaming even under high agitation condition.
Good anti-rancidity and very resistant to attack by mold and bacteria.
Excellent chemical and physical stability of product quality and performance between batches.
3: Typical physical and chemical properties
Appearance: pale yellow transparent liquid;
Friction coefficient: 0.0616 (785N, 1200rmp, 120seconds);
Viscosity(mm2/s,40℃), 14.36;
Surface tension: 28.6 mN/m;
Specific gravity: 1.06kg/cm3;
Odor: no irritant odor;
pH : 8.5±0.5;
Extreme pressure data: Pb value: 1569N Pd value: 1961N;
Solubility: 100% miscible in water;
Metal ion contents: Na, K, Fe, Cu ≤10ppm,respectively
Anion contents: Halide ions(as chloride),sulfate, phosphate ≤10ppm,respectively;
4: Recommended operational concentration
6%---10%(by volume) is recommended depending on wafer dicing requirement.
And DI water as a solvent rather than tap water is preferred.
It is advisable to stir it into DI water when making up operational solution.
5: Package
Plastic barrel with HDPE rather than iron/galvanized materials is surely used, 200 kg or 25 kg available.
6: Storage and transportation
Due to being non-toxic and non-flammable, it can be handled according to regulations on the transport o general chemicals.
Be stored indoors where it is cool, dry, and well ventilates,.
And be kept tightly sealed each time opened, and avoid overheat and sunlight and raining, incompatible with strong oxidizer and acidic materials.
7: Shelf life
Two years in its original packaging.
8: Delivery
Lead time: 15 work days when PR is received. 9. ROHS Report 10.Wafer cutting Wafer cutting Wafer cutting

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