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Chip Cleaner HF-CC-5A
Along with the rapid development of Ultra Large Integrated Circuit, the line width of ULIC has been becoming smaller and smaller. In this case, the requirement for chip surface cleanliness has been become more stringent according correspondingly. Therefore, a special cleaner has been developed to clean the chip after wafer had been diced and chip polished.
CC-5A is a biodegradable, concentrated, caustic-free alkaline & emulsifying cleaner formulated for chip cleaning.
It is an ultrasonic cleaning solution which effectively removes oils, metal ions, organic adhesives, polishing powder, silicon powder and a variety of soils, which are strongly adhered to chip surface.
It is easily mixed with water to form a concentration of 5-10% by volume.
For optimum cleaning, it should be operated at recommended temperatures, ranging from 45℃ to 55℃.
It is especially effective in removing fabricating oil, cutting fluid, and polishing oil, metal ions, thereby reducing ion contamination on chip to the most extent.
It contains a blend of chelating agents, organic bases, and detergents in addition to dispersants, deflocculents, and emulsifiers and corrosive inhibitor.
The cleaning solution cleans rapidly, penetrating into blind holes and between adjacent surfaces.
The selection and use of the proper ultrasonic cleaning equipment and component cleaning fixture will influence the cleaning efficiency and performance.
2:Physical and chemical properties
Appearance: clear liquid
Odour: Odorless
PH at use temperature : 12.5—13.5
Density: 1.116
Rinsability: very good
Recommended dilutent: DI water
be stored indoors where it is cool and dry and be kept tightly sealed after each time opened and avoid overheat, incompatible with strong oxidizer and acids.
Shelf life : two years in its original packaging.

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