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1, main advantages1.1, excellent lubrication and cooling performance and super load carrying capacity;
1.2, efficient and continuous embroidery and rancidity resistance;
1.3, pH neutral, non-irritating odor, safe and environmentally friendly;
1.4, the foam is extremely low, easy to clean, no asphalt slag formation;
1.5, sulfur-free / phosphorus / halogen / phenol / nitrite / sulfate / nitrate / mineral oil / animal oil / vegetable oil, etc.;
1.6, does not contain cations and cations, does not produce negative effects such as ionic pollution;
2. Main use 2.1. Suitable for machining, grinding and other hard materials such as stainless steel, aviation aluminum, aluminum alloy, wafer, chip, semiconductor, copper, other non-ferrous metals, etc.
2.2. It is recommended to use a concentration of 6%--10%; the working fluid prepared by deionized water has better comprehensive effect.
2.3. Shelf life: 2 years (original packaging status)
3. Main performance 3.1, Appearance: homogeneous light yellow transparent liquid;
3.2, pH: 8.5 ± 0.5;
3.3, Friction coefficient: 0.0631(785N,1200rmp,120 seconds);
3.4, specific gravity (20 ° C, g / cm3): 1.03;
3.5, viscosity (mm2 / s, 40 ° C): 13.96;
3.6, surface tension: 29.9mN / m;
3.7, cloud point: 32 ° C;
3.8, extreme pressure data:
3.9, Pb value: 1569N
3.10, Pd value: 1961N
3.11. Metal content such as sodium, potassium, iron and copper: ≤10ppm
3.12 Non-metallic content such as sulfur, phosphorus, halogen (in terms of chlorine): ≤10ppm
3.13, water solubility: completely miscible with water
4. Precautions 4.1. Not compatible with strong oxidants and strong bases.
5. Storage conditions: 5.1, cool, dry and ventilated indoor, sealed and stored, sealed every time after opening; avoid strong oxidants, strong alkali, high temperature environment, direct sunlight, away from fire .
5.2. It is valid for two years under the original packaging conditions.
6. ROHS Report 6. Total synthetic cutting fluid test report

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Florin is mainly engaged in the production and technical development of environmentally-friendly water-soluble machining fluids, lubricating oils, environmentally friendly cleaning agents, glass mildew inhibitors, automotive frozen liquids, automotive ureas, etc. for metal/optical glass/LED materials cutting/grinding processes. , to provide professional services to customers
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