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1, Product description 1.1, OG-03 Cleaner is specially formulated for optical glass processing industry, suitable for all kinds of optical glass materials.
1.2, And the imported additives dominate in its formula with high technical content.
1.3, It is suitable for water base cleaning production lines for optical glass cleaning.
1.4. The quality of products is crucial to our existence, the demand of customers is key to exercising our duty.
2, Features 2.1, Safety for environment and people handling it.
2.2, Possessing strong cleaning ability to oil dirty, abrasive, fingerprint , ink, wax, and other residues.
2.3, Non-volatile, nonflammable, non-toxic.
2.4, Easy operation, no need to change available equipment.
3, physical parameters 3.1, Appearance: colorless to pale yellow liquid
3.2, Odour: no irritant
3.3, Smell: no
3.4, pH(2% aqueous solution):11.5---12.5
3.5, Density(@20℃, GB/T35.55):1.129
4, recommended operating concentration 4.1, 5---8% by volume is recommended as a practical operational concentration. DI water as solvent is preferred.
4.2, Using temperature 25℃---60%;
4.3, Cleaning time 1---30 minutes (ultrasonic/spray),depending on the actual cleaning situation.
5, Storage Should be stored indoors where it is cool and dry and be kept tightly sealed after each time opened and avoid overheat, incompatible with strong oxidizer and acids as it is moderately alkaline.
Shelf life is at least two years in its original packaging 6. ROHS Report

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Florin is mainly engaged in the production and technical development of environmentally-friendly water-soluble machining fluids, lubricating oils, environmentally friendly cleaning agents, glass mildew inhibitors, automotive frozen liquids, automotive ureas, etc. for metal/optical glass/LED materials cutting/grinding processes. , to provide professional services to customers
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