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1. Product Features 1.1 This product is a fully synthetic water-soluble material specially developed for anti-rust, semi-finished or finished product rust prevention during the processing of various metal and alloy parts in the hardware manufacturing process. Anti-rust protection agent. Long-lasting rust protection.
1.2, does not contain any anions and cations, such as halogen, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrite, heavy metals, etc., which eliminates the source of corrosive pollutants, is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, does not require expensive sewage treatment systems, and effectively reduces production. cost.
2. Application Scope2.1 This product is suitable for anti-rust between stainless steel, cast iron, ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal in the process of mechanical manufacturing and maintenance, especially for semi-finished products and finished products directly exposed to the air. Long-lasting rust protection.
3. Usage3.1 This product adopts non-foaming formula, especially suitable for spray anti-rust treatment system, which effectively improves production efficiency.
3.2. When using, the workpiece with water film can be directly dip coated, brushed or sprayed, which simplifies the dehydration and drying process.
3.3, In order to obtain the complete anti-rust effect, the raw liquid can be directly sprayed to the anti-rust workpiece, and the same anti-rust protection effect can be achieved by brushing or soaking, and the anti-rust period is more than 12 months.
3.4. Dilute to different concentrations, such as 15--20% or above, for rust prevention or semi-finished or finished product rust prevention, rust-proof period of 3-4 months.
3.5. After the workpiece has been rust-proofed, it is not allowed to touch the workpiece with fingers, and it is required to wear clean gloves.
4, physical parameters4.1, appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
4.2, smell: no irritating odor
4.3, pH: 8.5±0.5
4.4, Density: 1.03---1.06
4.5, water solubility: miscible with any ratio of water
4.6, easy to rinse: excellent
5. Storage 5.1 Store in a cool, dry place.
5.2. Validity period is 12 months from the date of shipment.
6. ROHS Report

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